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Welcome to The Therapy Angels

The Therapy Angels is a wonderful program dedicated to training miniature horses for therapy work in Nursing Homes, Hospitals, Daycares, Schools, Hospice, Rehab Centers and more! We have been specializing in breeding and training miniature horses that under 30" for over 24 years now. These tiny minis are the perfect size to fit in small confined areas so you literally can take them anywhere!. They are even small enough to ride in a van or SUV!. Miniature Horses live 30-35 years so you will have many years with them too! All of our therapy horses have wonderful dispositions and are suitable for adults and children of all ages. We always have a few select quality Therapy Trained Miniature Horses for sale. Prices start at $5500. We are happy to answer any questions you have and help you get started with your own therapy program with the purchase of one of our amazing little horses!. We even have custom marketing packets available to help get you started!. CONTACT 941-548-6464

CONTACT 941-548-6464 or email is at [email protected]

Please check out our main website at: www.allstarfarm.com

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