Therapy Training

We specialize in breeding and training the babies we raise. We start them out very young as all our broodmares are therapy horses themselves so the foals are trained along side their mothers. Once they are weaned they will have had consistent training under them so they are then ready to go to their new homes once they are weaned. We also have older horses that are even more experienced and have had over a year of therapy work. The therapy training involves basic ground training, obstacle work and working in a custom state of the art therapy training room so they are used to wheelchairs,  walkers, beds, noises and small spaces. We also take them to pony parties, schools and daycares where they will encounter large groups of kids. It is important that a therapy horse has been exposed to every situation possible. This takes time and a lot of work. You can't just take any horse and put them in a therapy environment, a horse first needs to have the temperament for it and the training. Our certification levels are Silver & Gold. A Silver Star horse has had less then a year of therapy experience or a minimum of 10 visits and a Gold Star has had over a year of experience or a minimum of 20 visits. A Silver Star horse may graduate to a Gold star once their level of experience has been reached. 

All our horses here are VERY WELL TRAINED to be handled around wheelchairs, beds and walkers as well as being trained to live inside the house, potty training PLUS they learn to do agility training over obstacles & jumps! We also are doing the basic training to be Mobility Service Horses. We have lots of detailed videos showing our signature training!


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