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Type: Horses
Category: Miniature


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Make sure to check the height of your mini!! and make sure that you get pics of them with their measurement and that it is done correctly! I have seen SO many pics of people measuring their minis and the stick is crooked and not even level! So for instance if they show a picture of a mini that is 24" and the stick is crooked the mini is going to be much bigger then 24" with a true level measurement! Measurement is done from ground to last hair on the mane. Always get current pics too!

I get emails almost daily from mini owners who want to know what their miniature horse is going to mature to. If you own a young miniature or are looking at a young prospect to purchase. This height chart is a must have! You can also google for Miniature Horse Height Chart to find similar charts! In the picture attached to this ad is a Height Chart that will help you in determining the height at maturity of your current or future prospect! For Instance as the chart displays a 25" yearling will mature to 28". It will not grow only 1 inch more. It is a known FACT that miniatures grow until 3 years of age and grow SEVERAL inches - at least 2-3 inches from whatever their TRUE yearling height is. Minis do approx 80-90% of their growing in the first year and people are under the misconception that they stop growing at 1 year of age (or when the tail hits the ground) and because they seem to have slowed their growth down. This is incorrect! Minis will continue to grow until they are 3 years of age and will do it a slower rate but they will still grow!. Small minis naturally will be closer to the ground so their tail does not have far to go!! so do not go by height measurement on any mini 2 years of age or younger just because the tail touches the ground. We have been breeding, training and showing miniatures for over two decades and find this chart very helpful and VERY accurate. There are many other well respected world champion producers and breeders that also use this height chart as a guide and like us have found it to be very accurate in determining height estimates for young miniature horses. So make sure to get a current height on the mini and then cross check any young miniature horse you are purchasing with this chart so you have a true idea of what the mini will mature too! You can also do Cannon bone measurement to find out height at maturity but this is only accurate at birth!

There are lots of breeders that wean at 3 & 4 months of age and we do not support that practice. We believe foals should remain with their mothers until at least 6 months of age!


  • Category: Miniature
  • Type: Horses
  • Name: Height Chart
  • Gender: Filly
  • Age: 1 yr
  • Color: Palomino
  • Temperament: 1 - Calm (Bomb Proof) (1 - calm; 10 - spirited)

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