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www.therapyminiatures.com or Please call or text us at **941-548-MINI** for info on available horses and pricing. Come see for yourself the well trained and well loved horses we have! we welcome visitors anytime!

We will have a few quality TINY 2022 miniature foals coming this year. All our foals mature under 30" and will go into our signature therapy training which is the best in the nation. We train our foals above and beyond what other farms do. Ours are not only wheelchair and walker trained, but they are trained to be accustomed to living in the house so they can one day be a service horse. We also train ours over obstacles such as tarps, poles and will even do steps and ramps. Our foals are handled daily and are sweet and friendly. We provide detailed videos of all our horses doing our signature training so you know the horse you are getting is truly trained! We have been training horses for over 24 years. The proof is in the pudding they say. We have a huge list of DOZENS (not only a dozen, I mean dozens) clientele for references as well as DOZENS of reviews available. Our training is so respected that we currently have a waiting list for horses to be trained by us! Yes we believe in training horses young - as does 99% of the horse training population and well respected world champion trainers who train and condition their young stock in preparation for showing they are always started out young. Any world class trainer that has been in horses long enough should know this and if they do not, I would be cautious. All our foals are treated as part of the family. Their well being is extremely important. They are always handled with love, care and gentleness. We have dozens of clientele who you may speak to that have purchased our foals that have commented on how well trained and beautiful they are. Come see for yourself! we welcome visitors anytime!

We have overos, tobianos, toveros, medicine hat toveros, splash overos and even leopard appaloosas. Sire is 26" and Dam's are 27-29". Get on the waiting list now! Our Foals are usually always sold at birth! ALL our foals have gone on to be THERAPY HORSE STARS!. They can be purchased with or without Therapy Training! Pictures in the ad are example of the top quality foals produced here at: www.allstarfarm.com or Feel free to call or text us at **941-548-MINI** for info on available horses and pricing.

Our mini foals stay with their moms until they are 6 months of age. We will not and do not sell a foal that is under 6 months of age. There are lots of breeders that wean at 3 & 4 months of age and we do not support that practice. Our minis are very well loved and get top notch care.  


  • Category: Miniature
  • Type: Horses
  • Name: Please call or text us at *941-548-MINI*
  • Gender: Filly
  • Age: 6 mths

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